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Many people have a hard time knowing what to do with all their stuff.  It's overwhelming to manage the clutter sometimes.  Feeling disorganized is stressful, and life is stressful enough on its own.

Hiring a professional organizer is an investment in the quality of your life.  You can free yourself from clutter and learn ways to manage the flow of possessions, saving yourself time and money overall.

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Home Office

Manage the flow of your projects including keeping records and filing.  Create a space that helps you get the job done quickly and smoothly.

Closets - Clothes - Kitchens - Bathrooms

Know what you have and enjoy using it.  Eliminate clutter and outdated items.

Photos - Collections

Showcase and save the special things that bring you joy.

Whole House Decluttering & Organizing

Enjoy living in a cleaner and clearer space that enables you to focus on the most important goals and relationships in your life.


You or your family member can move on to the next phase of life with confidence after getting help deciding what to keep and what to do with the rest.

Customized Assistance

Projects large or small, All Better can help you to work it out, or at least get you started.


How it Works


1.  Call for a free phone consultation.  We will discuss your needs and questions and set up a time to meet.  I will email you a Client Agreement before the initial session.

2.  At your Initial Session we will assess what needs to be done, make an action plan, & get started.  The fee for this 3-hour session is $150.

3.  After the initial session, you will learn skills as we work together, either hourly ($60 per hour) or by the session (3 hours at $150) to make it better.  Service is tailored to meet your need and budget, including meeting once, several times, weekly, monthly, or on an ongoing basis.

Cindy Greenspan


Cindy Greenspan has been organizing all her life!  She graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Johns Hopkins University, raised two children, managed businesses, properties, & travel, and then downsized to Florida in 2016.  Her former career as a clinical social worker enables her to teach you how to live a more organized life in a caring, confidential, and ethical way.



Getting organized with All Better Organizing allows you to REDUCE your consumption & waste by effectively using what you keep.  We will work together to REUSE and repurpose what you already have, and RECYCLE by donating, gifting, or disposing with environmenal awareness.  That's better!

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$150 - Initial Assessment Session

$150 - Regular 3-Hour Organizing Session

$60   - Single Hour Organizing

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